VP Pro Cutoff STR 1/8 Truggy Tyre unglued with White Dish Rim ( X Super Flexx)

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This is a pair of VP Pro Cutoff STR 1/8 Truggy Tyres with Zero Offset White Dish Wheels in X Super Flexx Compound. (unglued)

Cutoffs were designed for both loamy and or dusty tracks.  The Cutoffs tread pattern provides predictable and consistent traction.  The Cutoff tire works very well on bumpy dusty tracks and allows the necessary sand flow to exit the tire which provides great consistent traction.

Forward Traction: 9
Side Bite: 7
Tire Wear: 8

Tire Compounds by VP Pro USA

Tire compounds are an extremely important variable when deciding which tire to choose.  A general rule of thumb is that a harder tire will provide longer tire life with less traction, while a softer tire will provide more traction with a shorter tire life.  

The track condition is yet another extremely important variable when deciding which tire to use.  Here a general rule of thumb would be to use larger pin tires on tracks with more loam and smaller pin tires on tracks that are hard packed with less loam.  

Low Flexx:  Low Flexx Compound is our medium compound that will provide less pin Flexx which deters the pin from folding over.  This compound works best on very dry hard packed tracks with minimal dust, or very soft loamy dirt.  The Low Flexx compound has the longest tire life and is recommended for bashing or long A-main events.  

Medium Flexx:  Medium Flexx Compound is our most popular compound which works on nearly all off-road racing surfaces.  The medium Flexx compound is a soft compound which was designed to provide maximum
traction without compromising early tire wear.  The medium Flexx compound will feel softer than most “medium” labeled compound tires produced by other companies,  but will last much longer.

Ultra (Soft) Flexx:  The Ultra Flexx Compound is our softest compound which provides maximum traction on nearly all
off-road surfaces, especially hard packed surfaces dry or damp.  The super soft Ultra Flexx Compound works great in bumpy conditions as the Ultra Flexx pins will not catch the ruts under impact.  Most Pro racers use the Ultra Flexx compounds during qualifying runs for maximum performance. 




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