LRP iX8 V2 Competition Brushless Electronic Speed Control

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LRP's iX8 V2 Competition Brushless Electronic Speed Control features updated hardware and is equipped with the latest v2.6 team firmware as standard. The iX8 Version 2 generates less heat than its predecessor and offers consistent performance that allows this ESC to compete at the highest level. Aggressive Initial Drive settings and the 1/8 BR2 brake – completely developed from scratch – give you the performance you need to leave your competitors in the dust. The integrated Intelligent Brake/Reverse v1.0 algorithm combined with 6S compatibility makes this ESC a great choice both on and off the track. 


  • Updated Hardware – Cooler speed control and most consistent racing performance
  • Latest v2.6 Team Firmware - Completely revamped firmware featuring new modes and optimised values
  • 2S-6S LiPo operation - Wide input voltage range (7.2V-22.2V) for versatile use, with powerful 6A switching BEC
  • Intelligent Brake/Reverse v1.0 - Ensures an intuitive driving experience when switching between braking and driving backwards
  • USB Software Updateability - Benefit from all the latest performance improvements and updates.
  • Optimized Sensored Design
  • Initial drive mode
  • Brake developed especially for 1/8 use
  • Internal-Temp-Check System 3
  • Accessories included
  • Pluggable connections
  • Compact and robust design

Integrated heatsink + fan:
Motor Limit: none
Sensored Brushless System: Yes
Voltage Input: 7.2 - 22.2V
Rated Current: 600A/Phase
Forward/Brake: Yes
Forward/Brake/Reverse: Yes
Dimensions: 55x40x24mm
Weight (without wires): 62g
Power wires: 3.3mm²
BEC: 6V/6A
Adjustable Modes: 4
Multi Protection System 3: Yes

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