Inferno MP9e Evo 1/8 Electric 4WD Off-Road Buggy Kit

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Specialized electric buggy design
delivers battle-tough performance!
With an unrivaled record of 8 World Championship titles, Kyosho’s flagship Inferno model evolves from the MP9e TKI4 into the latest MP9e Evo. electric powered model that achieves even more dynamic performance through a new advanced chassis layout and body design. The highly regarded flat control and aerial posture of the previous model has been maintained while a forward weight shift has improved balance for superior handling. In addition, subtle changes to the battery mount create a lower center of gravity that combines with the race-tested body design of the MP9e Evo. to deliver superior cornering, traction, and rough surface performance required of a racing buggy to perform successfully at the highest level. The MP9e Evo. is the key to racing glory.
Features front and rear suspension and drive systems from the latest Inferno MP9 TKI4 10th Anniversary Special Edition. Layout of the A7075T6 hard anodized aluminum chassis have been specifically designed for the MP9e Evo. to optimize weight distribution for electric power performance and a lower center of gravity.
Motor Mount
Machined aluminum clamp type motor mount fixes the motor firmly and eliminates motor flex while running for increased reliability. Pre-drilled holes are available for mounting a cooling fan (sold separately).
Strap Mounting System
Lowered position of the battery creates a low center gravity and combines with a hook and loop strap mounting system that doesn’t interfere with the chassis' flex. This also allows for multiple types of battery configurations to be used.


Detachable ESC mount and wire holders


Detachable ESC mount design allows easy installation and removal for maintenance. In addition, maximum forward mounting position uses the weight of the ESC for improving steering and can easily be relocated to the rear in looser track conditions. Wire holders on both the center plate and motor mount allow for a cleaner and more reliable wire setup.

Shocks and Front Suspension

Hard plated threaded shock cases with aeration caps are included and deliver smooth damping function over an extended period while reducing silicone oil contamination. Front suspension combines long sus arms with 17.5° angle caster hub carriers for increased steering response and stability on rough tracks.

Steering Plate

New steering plate features a revised tie-rod mount position to optimize ackermann ratio and increase control.


The new body sits lower and has a shorter, narrower and less aggressive cabin design combined with a unique stretched out rooftop center fin that improves straight line stability.


Kit Contents
  • Unassembled chassis kit
  • Clear body and decal set
  • Wheels
  • Silicon oils for diffs (#3000,#5000)
  • L type hex wrenches (1.5mm,2.0mm,2.5mm,3.0mm)
  • Cross wrench
  • 17mm wheel wrench


Required for Operation
  • 2-3ch transmitter and receiver
  • Servo
  • Batteries for transmitter
  • Brushless motor and ESC system
  • Batteries and charger for chassis
  • Tires and inserts
  • Tools 
  • Instant glue
  • Silicon shock oils
  • Paint for body
Chassis Technical Data
  • Length                    490mm
  • Width                      307mm
  • Height                     180mm
  • Wheelbase             325mm (adjust by changing rear hub collar)
  • Tread (F/R)             254mm
  • Tires (F/R)              Sold separately
  • Gear ratio               10.14:1 (gear module: 1.0)
  • Weight                    3,770g approx.


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