Team Orion Ultimate Graphene Lipo Shorty 5800 HV 7.6V 120C

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Team Orion Carbon Pro V-Max LiPo batteries have a higher nominal voltage (3.8V vs 3.7V) and can be charged up to 4.35V/Cell. The higher voltage allows for more performance and more capacity for the same battery size.

V-Max HV Batteries
V-Max LiPo batteries can be charged using regular LiPo battery chargers but standard LiPo charge programs use a charge end voltage setting of 4.2V/cell. HV LiPo batteries have increased power and capacity by using a 4.35V/cell charge end voltage. This means that to get maximum performance out of these batteries you must use chargers that have a LiPo HV specific charge mode with a 4.35V/cell charge end voltage.


  • Developed by Oscar Jansen and Team Orion
  • 3.8V nominal voltage (up to 4.35V/cell voltage)
  • Extreme power output
  • Enhanced Energy Density
  • 110C discharge rate
  • 5C charge rate
  • Heavy duty gold tubes or Deans high current connectors
  • High quality silicone wires
  • Robust carbon look hard case

Application:  Competition / Car
Chemistry: LiPo HV (V-Max)
Capacity: 4800 mAh
Voltage: 7.6V
C-Rates: 120C
Connector: Gold Tubes 4mm
Balancer: Tubes
Length: 95mm
Width: 46mm
Height: 24mm

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