REDS Racing R5R RACER v3.0 .21 5-Port Off-Road Competition Buggy Engine w/HCX (Turbo Plug)

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This is the REDS Engines R5R RACER v3.0 .21 5-Port Off-Road Competition Buggy Engine. Based on the original R5R, the R5R v2.0 has been refined to deliver pro level performance in all terrain at a mid level price. 

HCX Horizontal Carburetor - Higher Idle Stability
The revolutionary carburetor features a horizontally positioned top end needle that provides a more stable idle, more precise tuning, and higher mid/top end power. 

Long Stroke - Horsepower
The R5R crankshaft is surprisingly strong and reliable thanks to special steel and heat treating. Special silicone filling reduces rotation inertia.

5 Port Classic - High Torque
R5R sleeve design and timing features high torque and controllable power delivery in order to make the engine extremely drivable, suitable for every type of track and to help reduce fuel consumption.

High Quality Bearings - High Reliability
The high sealing front ball bearing is Made in Japan and ensures high idle stability. The Swiss made chrome-steel rear bearing ensures longer life and extreme performance.

Flat Billet Piston - High Performance
The flat piston matched to a specific combustion chamber guarantees high performance and low consumption. Lightweight, durable and reliable is the standard quality of the connecting rod. The slim shape is designed to minimize aerodynamic friction.

Handmade, Tuned and Assembled - Mario Rossi
All parts are matched and measured by Mario Rossi within certain tolerances, then hand built by him personally. The engine leaves the factory with a hand inspection of all components and compression is checked.


  • Ultra-light
  • 5 Port hard chromed liner
  • CNC machined billet piston
  • Redesigned separated and cooled combustion chamber
  • Lightweight cooling head
  • 14mm crankshaft
  • Knife edged aerodynamic connecting rod
  • Swiss Made ball bearings
  • HCX carburetor

Category: 1/8 off road
Displacement: 3.5cc
Bore: 16.2mm
Stroke: 16.9mm
Intake Ports: 5
Exhaust Port: 1
Front Ball Bearing: 7x19x6 Japan made
Rear Ball Bearing: 14x25.4x6 Swiss made
Carburetor: HCX 7mm
Weight: 360g
Recommended Pipe: EFRA 2104, 2113, 2112
Recommended Fuel: 20-30% nitro, 8-10% oil
Break-in Fuel: 12% oil

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