Hobbywing XERUN - V3.1 - Competition ESC 120A

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XERUN - V3.1 - Waterproof ESC 120A

Due to the way this ESC is manufactured, the sensor lead cannot be removed from the ESC and is approx 100mm long.  For long reach applications a sensor lead extender must be used.

Repair is not available on this unit as it is completely sealed inside.

Strongest:  Most advanced software functions
Simplest:  Built-in electronic switch saves chassis space
Easiest:  10 Pre-set profiles for Plug and Play
Most Reliable:  Innovative heat dissipation structure

Advantages of XERUN-120A-V3.1 speedo
-Aluminum bottom case improves the heat dissipation (The previous V3 speedo uses plastic bottom case);
-Improved heat-sink with 1mm gap between the cooling fan allows more air flow to reduce the temperature of speedo;
-Improved dust-proof design. Rubber rings are applied at the sensor port and the program port;
-Aluminum screws of cooling fan look better and more professional;
-Improved electronic switch has stronger current endurance to be more reliable;
-New firmware allows driver to adjust the throttle neutral range, and solves the "turbo lost in high temperature" problem in the previous version firmware.

Current: Continuous:
120A, Burst: 760A
Input: 4-9 cells NiMH/NiCd or 2-3S LiPo *See Note
Built-in BEC:
6V@3A (linear mode)
Resistance: 0.0003 Ohm
Motor Supported: Sensored and sensorless brushless motor
Motor Limit:

  • With 2 Lipo or 4-6 NiMH 1/10 on-road: >=3.5T, 1/10 off-road: >=5.5T
  • With 3 Lipo or 7-9 NiMH 1/10 on-road: >=5.5T, 1/10 off-road: >=8.5T
  • *For 7-9 cells NiMH/NiCd or 3S LiPo, the standard cooling fan needs to be changed to 12V high voltage fan.

Suitable Car: 1/10,1/12 all competitions 1/10,1/8 rock crawler
Cooling Fan: 5V
External Programming Port Output: 6V from built-in BEC (* The 6V output is usable for external cooling fan)
Size: 37.5mm(L) x 31mm(W) x 29.5mm(H), excluding wire connectors
Weight: 93g

Note:  For 4-6 cells NiMH/NiCd or 2S LiPo, the standard cooling fan needn't be changed. For 7-9 cells NiMH/NiCd or 3S LiPo, the standard cooling fan needs to be changed to 12V high voltage fan.

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